Soulioton 31, Neos Kosmos, Greece

7 Studio Apartments
Mezzanine (1)
2nd Floor (3)
3rd Floor (3)

  • Front Balcony
  • 1 bathroom
  • Aircondition
  • Studio
  • 30 SQM
  • Floor M-2nd-3rd
  • Elevator
  • Fast Wi-Fi

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  • Private
  • common areas in the Building
  • Center - Neos Kosmos
  • 5m from Metro Neos Kosmos

Video Studio

Studio Semi Floor

Studio 31

  • Please respect the home you live in, the home-mates you live with and neighbors.
  • Be friendly.
  • After 11.00 pm stop making noise. At anytime: no parties and illegal activities. No weed. No drugs. No Sugar. No Parties.
  • If you want to host more than few very respectful friends – talk to us first.
  • Toilets in Greece are sensitive. please don’t throw any type of paper in the toilet, yes –not even toilet paper. There are Bins for this. Really.
  • The home is STRICTLY NO SMOKING in the bedrooms.
  • For smokers -smoking is permitted only close to the street windows or in the backyard or balcony.
  • Be creative.
  • Please open and close carefully and mindfully the windows and window nets at all times.
  • Always close and lock the door and windows when leaving the apartment.
  • Please care for your belongings and the equipment we places for you.
  • Please make sure you DO NOT leave any ELECTRICAL device switched ON when leaving the apartment.
  • It may create a serious fire hazard in case something goes wrong when you are not there.
  • Don’t leave the bicycles/ phones/ anything to be charged when not home.
  • For hot water turn on the boiler’s fuse in the electrical panel. A red light will appear, turn it off after 20-30 minutes it should be enough.
  • Don’t shower with the boilers switch ON- IT’S DANGEROUS.
  • Air-conditioning is not free and climate change is against us all. Please don’t leave the A.C turned on for too many hours.
  • The kitchen equipment is here, for your use. Please use it carefully. And clean after yourselves. There are no cleaning fairies in the house.
  • Water the plants once a week, this one is for me please!
  • Be in a good relationship with your flat mates And with AAA team. Costas is here to keep from our side the way you use the properties and from your side to make life easier and more convenient.
  • Use and not abuse.
  • Give us one month advance notice if you changed your mind about living with us.
  • Clean and maintain your room. Once a month, the cleaning lady comes for the shared areas only. Make sure she has available cleaning materials to use.
  • Pay your rent on time. Simple.
  • Rules are simple and intuitive. Not following the roles may be taken as penalty

    from deposit or elsewhere.

  • Rent and bills in this price is paid by you only. If you want to host a friend to

    sleep once in a while, that’s your home, make sure he knows the house rules

    and this is ok with your flat mates. If you host for more than a night once in a

    while – well – before -let us know.

  • One day when you will check out please don’t forget to leave the keys on the bedroom table.
  • Check availability

    Contact us