“Athens Art Apartments” together with “Co&Living” have created alternative living places and spaces in Athens.

We make apartments into homes, and tenants into a community.

Our “family” of apartments are similar in style. Most of them are located in Exrachia and are near each other.

Some are in Pangrati, Victoria, Gizi, and other parts of the city.

This means you can find the best fit for your needs. Rooms and apartments are in different sizes, price, location, levels of privacy and so on.

We offer flexibility in joining and leaving dates. More importantly: IF you are here, why not make it your neighborhood? Get to know your neighbors!

Our wish is to help people easily relocate to Athens  and to offer ideal spaces for living with the opportunity to connect with other people.

We have a lot in common. Together is better.

Choose where and how you want to live your life. Think who you wish to be and surround yourself with similar people. Remember they are within reach.

Whether you are : a student, a young professional, a digital nomad or in need of long-medium-term accommodation in Athens,

we are here for you.

Our homes offer a combination of metropolitan urban city life with values of community. All our homes are walking distance to many central and historic sites, shops, coffee places, markets and the most hip places.

You don’t need to start all over by yourself, there are many like you in the big city!

We are also passionate about sustainability; our interior design shows it! This makes our properties stand out.

We have combined the old with the new, the modern with the antique. Pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s, with those of 2020, elegant lighting and pieces of art, together we create a tasteful and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our team consists of Liat and Almog.

We are here to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything, we’ll be delighted to help you!

Liat and Almog share their lives between Athens and Tel Aviv, where they also live in an urban kibbutz, with a residency house of 80 young people. We walk our talk.

Hope to see you soon!

Places we love

Οur path of exrachia does not end in the 4 walls of our house, it get’s deep into the city, to the community, to the spaces that are making it to be what it is.

# Blue Bear – by Theo – Exarchia square – Themistokleous 80. A great place to read, write and be inspired.

# The coffee tree – Char. Trikoupi 89. If you like dark deep Costa rican coffee, with the special recycle coffee bags decoration.

# Laiki farmers’ market – weekends open market Saterday and Sunday mornings – a festival mood for cooking lovers – Kallidromiou st.

# Pink elephant – down town indian food. Dervenion 4Α. We love the chicken tika massala, the bonha, saag paneer and almost anything in the menu. Sweets and salads:

# Au Grand zink – Char. Trikoupi 92 – Creperie with total French chic. Not a grand zank but yes a great Creperie. The one with blue cheese… Yummy..

# tanini agapi mou – 91 Ippokratous str – trust the recommendation (by the glass). not even once they went wrong.

Vegan but all can try it:

# Cookoomela grill -Themistokleous 43-45. vegan mushroom “giros” – if u like mustard like me.. well go for yellow.

# mystic pizza (usual+vegan branch)- Emmanouil Benaki 76, -at least once in a life time one should have the avocado pizza.

# Yesterday bread – Kallidromiou 87 – vintage second hand cloth for men and women. Special pieces

# Open cinema -movie theatre without roof – XBox. Summer time

# Join a basketball game on Strefi Hill (climb the stairs up from Emmanouil Benaki 134). The hill is also a great place for the sunset or seeing the city of Athens from above.

# Search Exarchia for the black and white closed eye girl “the sad Princess” by Snoke – who started to paint here since she broke his heart at the age of 11.

# Diporto – Sokratous 9 – lunch at a local underground basement – yes take the stairs down – not many words are needed what was cooked today will be served.

# Seychelles – Keramikou 49- great Value for money when in mood for non traditional taverna.

We Actually Live Here

When it empty flats are only furniture and walls, the souls that live in it makes it homes. Here you will have a glance for our Mutual WhatsApp Group Where we share Events Posters, pictures and Videos from our mutual activities, inspiration pictures, members introduction, Sharing Memories from Athens and worldwide, events we support  etc etc. All Mixed up, Have Fun!